File requirements


File requirements

File requirements

Learn about our file requirements.

Meeting them will facilitate all production processes and will contribute to achieving a quality and complete project.


Make sure you create your project in proportion to the end result. Let us know the scale you are using, for example (1:1) (1:5) (1:10). The preferred scale is 1:1.

Vector graphics

When using vector graphics, keep in mind that the scale negatively affects the smoothness of the curves, i.e. preferably use a scale of 1:1.


All fonts must be converted into curves.


There is a myth that the higher the resolution, the higher the quality of the end result. However, this is not quite true. The quality of the product is much more than just the resolution. It is also determined by the brightness, contrast, color dynamics, color balance, type of media used and other characteristics that contribute to it. The optimal resolution depends on the viewing distance, the final size of the image, detail, i.e. on the application of the product. When creating bitmap images, keep the following recommended values ​​in mind (in a 1:1 scale):

  • Indoor advertising: 100÷150 ppi
  • Outdoor advertising: 70÷100 ppi
  • Billboards: 30÷50 ppi


* Do NOT INTERPOLATE lower resolutions to recommended ones. This almost never leads to acceptable results.

* DO NOT CREATE unnecessarily large files. They waste your time and the time of everyone else involved in the process. For *.TIF and *.PSD formats, you can use LZW compression.